Trig took the roll of thermal tape and pasted it straight across the side of crate, looping around it three times. He grabbed the rifles on the floor and dumped them against the crate, making sure everything was as close as possible. Satisfied, he took a charge and placed it into the massive container, which was already filled with various munitions. With the Verpine shatter rifle he had chosen strapped to his back, he sprinkled some extra explosive powder around the pile of rifles, making sure everything would be destroyed. If he had had it his way, he would have taken all the weapons back to base.

But this mission was a quick search and destroy, a stealth op. They needed fast entry and fast exit. Taking anything more than a rifle or two would slow them down. Besides, they were here to cripple enemy supplies, not to steal them. Or at least that was what Ash had told him. Trig checked the whole mess of blasters, ammo and explosives over one last time. He still couldn't believe the L.T. had only let him take one rifle. C'mon, he thought, One more, just one more wouldn't slow him down too much, would it?

On the other side of the room, the rest of squad was tying together computers and datapads. Crowbar went around with his own datapad, downloading all of the machines' files onto his own for use back at base. If only weapons could be downloaded as easy as that. Trig did not find files fair. Hundreds or even thousands could be stored; weightless. Crowbar loved to hack and read computers. He would have a fun time back at base. What did Trig like to do? Blow up stuff. But he could only have so many grenades.

As Crowbar finished up his scanning, the other troopers dumped charges all over the droid technology. They littered powder all around randomly. Trig watched them with partial disgust. To put it simply, it was a mess. These guys had no idea to make a neat detonation. If they were gonna blow up all the data, they should have let him do it. Ash, the squad and platoon leader, caught Trig watching the squad.

"Hey Trig," Ash called, "Are you done? We haven't got all day."

"Yeah, one sec lieutenant." He turned back around to his pile of weapons and tapped the button on the datapad for the charge. When it blinked green, he detached the detonator and put into his pouch. As he put the lid back on the crate, something on the bottom caught his eye. He stared at the metallic glint before reaching his hand down to pick it up. It was cylindrical in shape, a shiny silver piece with elegeant black strokes and a symbol button. It looked all too familiar.

A lightsaber.

Never did he think that he would find something like that in a droid weapon cache. He tried to stuff it into his backpack, but it wouldn't fit with all his other gear. He pulled out one of his precious HEAT grenades and finally jammed the lightsaber in. He looked back, and noticed that the squad had finished piling the destroyed droid parts against the wall. "I'm finished," Trig said. "Let's blow this thing and get outta here."

Ash ejected the detonator for the charge linked to the computers, and the troopers walked out the back door. When they had moved about a hundred meters from the Separatist outpost, they finally dared to speak.

"So what was your pick from the cache?" Rave asked.

"Verpine." Trig turned sideways to show the strapped-on rifle.

"A Verpine? How did the tinnies get their metal hands on that?"

Trig smiled. "You'd be surprised what gear droids have."

"Yeah? Like what?"

Trig opened his mouth to speak, but he decided to hold himself. The lightsaber might not be worth mentioning yet. "I don't know," he stuttered out.

"Yeah, well I do know." Rave chuckled, and pulled out a vibro-balisong.

As they walked farther away, they made sure to clean out their tracks. They moved deep into the tree line before they stopped. The outpost was barely visible in the night sky. Ash linked Trig's detonator to his, and the latter one turned off. Crowbar pulled out the recorder and prepared to film.

"Would you like the honor?" Ash asked.

Trig took the detonator gladly. "Sure."

Crowbar began the recording.

Trig smiled. This would be a sight to remember. He pressed it.

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