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First got into pen spinning sometime around early December 2014. Was from friend Thomas when he showed me a trick (Twisted sonic). Really got into it in summer 2015

My Pen Mods

IMG 1220

1st, July 2015

IMG 1504

January2016 /December 2015

IMG 1513


Sonic Normal

Sonic Reverse

Multiple Sonics

Multiple Sonic Reverse

Sonic Harmonic

Sonic Rise

Sonic Fall

Sonic Rise Harmonic

Sonic 2x

Sonic 2x Rev

Multiple Sonic Multiple x


Neosonic reverse

Sonic Clip

Sonic Clip Reverse

Inverse Sonic

Inverse Sonic Reverse

Multiple Inverse Sonic

Multiple Reverse Inverse Sonic

In Out Sonic

Reverse In Out Sonic

Out In Sonic (aka Inverse In Out Sonic)

Reverse Out In Sonic

In Out Twisted Sonic

Reverse In OUt Twisted Sonic

Out In Twisted Sonic

Reverse Out In Twisted Sonic


I-Sonic Reverse

Inverse I-Sonic

Inverse Reverse I-Sonic

Pseudo Sonic

Pseudo Sonic Reverse

Sonic Moonwalk

Sonic Moonwalk Reverse

Multiple Sonic Moonwalks (aka Shadow)

Multiple Sonic Moonwalk Reverse (aka Reverse Shadow)

Sonic Moonwalk Inverse

Multiple Sonic Moonwalk Inverse

Sonic Moonwalk Inverse Reverse

Multiple Sonic Moonwalk Inverse Reverse

Twisted Sonic

Twisted Sonic Reverse

Twisted Sonic Rise

Inverse Twisted Sonic

Inverse Reverse Twisted Sonic

Twisted Sonic Moonwalk

Twisted Sonic Moonwalk Reverse

Inverse Reverse Twisted Sonic Moonwalk (aka Warped Sonic)

Inverse Twisted Sonic Moonwalk


Charge Normal

Charge Reverse

Double Charge

Reverse Double Charge

Triple Charge Reverse Triple Charge

Rising Fans

Moonwalk Rising Fans

Falling Fans

Moonwalk Falling Fans



Pass Reverse


Fingerpass Reverse

Pass 2x

Pass Reverse 2x

Triangle Pass

Reverse Triangle Pass

Arounds/ Spins

Thumbaround Normal

Thumbaround Reverse

Thumbaround Harmonic

Multiple Thumbspins

Multiple Thumspins Reverse

Fingerless Thumbaround

Fingerless Thumbaround Rev

Double Thumbaround

Multiple Thumbarounds


Indexaround Reverse

Multiple Indexspins

Multiple Indexspin Reverse


Middlearound Reverse

Multiple Middlespins

Multiple Middlespins Reverse


Ringaround Reverse

Multiple Ringspins

Multiple Ringspins Reverse


Pinkyaround Reverse

Multiple PinkySpins

Multiple PinkySpins Reverse

Backaround (aka fingerless indexaround reverse)

Backaround Reverse

Multiple Backarounds

Fingerless Middlearound

Fingerless Middlearound Reverse

Multiple Fingerless Middlearound

Multiple Fingerless Middlearound Reverse

Fingerless Ringaround

Fingerless Ringaround Reverse

Multiple Fingerless Ringaround

Multiple Fingerless Ringaround Reverse

Basketball Spin

Multiple Basketball Spins

Neo Backaround

Neo Backaround Reverse

Halftap ( aka fake 0.5 )

Multiple Halftaps

Halftaps Reverse

Multiple Halftaps Reverse

Palm Spin

Palm Spin Reverse


Cardiod Reverse

Gravity Backaround

Reverse Gravity Backaround

Anti Gravity

Wipers/ Infinities/ Figure 8s

Wiper Normal

Wiper Reverse

Wiper Harmonic

Infinity Normal

Double Infinity

Triple Infinity

Quadruple Infinity

Reverse Infinity

Reverse Double Infinity

Reverse Triple Infinity

Reverse Quadruple Infinity

Infinity Extended

Double Infinity Extended

Triple Inifinity Extended

Quadruple Infinity Extended

Reverse Infinity Extended

Reverse Double Infinity Extended

Reverse Triple Inifinity Extended

Reverse Quadruple Infinity Extended

Figure 8

Figure 8 Reverse

Fingerless Figure 8

Fingerless Figure 8 Reverse

Devils/ Demons

Devil’s Spin

Devil’s Spin Reverse

Devil’s Sonic

Devil’s Sonic Reverse

Devil’s Shadow

Devil’s Shadow Reverse

Demon’s Spin

Demon’s Spin Reverse

Demon’s Sonic

Demon’s Sonic Reverse

Devil’s Demon’s Sonic

Devil’s Demon’s Sonic Reverse


Fake Double

Fake Double Reverse

Fake Triple

Fake Triple Reverse

Fake Reverse

Multiple Fake Reverse

Fake Index Spin

Fake Middle Spin

Fake Ring Spin

Fake Index Spin Reverse

Fake Middle Spin Reverse

Fake Ring Spin Reverse

Aerial Tricks

Thumb Snap

Aerial Sonic


Reverse Levitator

Snap Flip

Infinity Release

Reverse Infinity Release

Backhand Rise

Reverse Backhand Rise

Backhand Bounce

Thumbaround release

Thumbaround Reverse release



Arm Roll

Reverse Arm Roll


Windshield Wiper

Reverse Windshield Wiper


Counter Thumbaround

Reverse Counter Thumbaround

Counter Sonic

Reverse Counter Sonic

Counter Backaround

Reverse Counter Backaround

Counter Neo Sonic

Counter Indexaround

Counter Middlearound

Counter Ringaround

Counter Shadow

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