Pystrum: follow this guide

Pystrum: but

Pystrum: - Instead of downloading VTFEdit, download http://Paint.Net and google 'VTF plugin'. Put this plugin (should be a dll file) into your directory under the "Effects" folder

Pystrum: *google vtf plugin for

Pystrum: if you get and the VTF plugin

Pystrum: ypou can skip the part about convering the files

Pystrum: also

Pystrum: dont edit the files directly

Pystrum: move them to somewhere else

Pystrum: Note: you don't actuallyt have to convert the files to a VPK

Pystrum: this will all make sense when you read it

alias "+use_and_seebomb" "+use; gameinstructor_enable 1"

alias "-use_and_seebomb" "-use; gameinstructor_enable 0"

bind "e" "+use_and_seebomb"

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